“New Orleans is a glorious mutation.”


Hi. I’m Tony. I’m an author, blogger, certified life coach, certified relationship coach, heartbreak recovery expert, and internet entrepreneur.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you were searching for coaches in the New Orleans area. Or, perhaps, you read one of my essays somewhere and Googled my name. Whatever the case, I’m glad you stopped by.

In 2015, I visited New Orleans for the first time and fell madly in love with the city. Shortly thereafter, I decided to make it my home.

If you ask me what I love most about New Orleans, I could provide you with a variety of answers.

I could say that I love the bright, vibrant colors, the shotgun-style houses and the satisfying blend of Spanish, French and Caribbean architecture.

I could say that I love what is arguably the greatest music scene in the world – that on any given night I can walk into one of more than 80 venues, and know that whoever is on stage will give me a powerful, dizzying eargasm.

I could mention the unmatched culinary scene: the unique combination of French Creole and Cajun cooking, the abundance of fresh-off-the-boat seafood and the refreshing lack of craptastic corporate chain restaurants.

If you ask me what I love most about New Orleans, I could point to the open container policy or a second line parade or a rolling streetcar or the oak trees decorated with Mardi Gras beads.

I could say that I love the weekend festivals, that there’s always something to do or that New Orleans is a non-stop, 24-hour-a-day party. I could say that I love the complex history, the notable diversity or the indescribable culture.

I could say all of that. But, it wouldn’t be true. Because, what I really love most about New Orleans is the people.

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