Food for Thought on Peacock Theory

When famed pick up artist, Mystery, introduced “Peacock Theory” to his many devoted followers, there’s a good chance that men all across America started showing up to their favorite watering holes wearing platform shoes, shiny shirts and hideously gaudy jewelry. It’s a simple idea, really. In the same way that a peacock displays its shimmering plumage to attract a peahen, a man can don something ridiculous to gain the attention of a beautiful woman.

I first learned of “Peacock Theory” while reading The Game, penned by the incredibly gifted Neil Strauss. It certainly seemed to work for Neil, evidenced by his meteoric rise within the seduction community and subsequent ranking as the world’s greatest PUA. Admittedly, though, I was skeptical. As far as I was concerned, attracting a woman entailed much more than using the mating tactic of an Asiatic bird with a brain the size of a lentil and no penis. Not to mention that, under no circumstances, was I going to leave the house wearing golden cowboy boots or a pink feather boa. But, once I stepped into a crowded bar dressed as a giant hot dog, I realized that Mystery — big, dumb, furry hat and all — was really onto something.

For a lot of men, approach anxiety is the single biggest obstacle standing between them and forming a new relationship. The idea of starting a conversation with any complete stranger, let alone a strikingly gorgeous woman, can bring about crippling, irreversible fear. Even the word “hello” seems creepy and off-putting. But, when you’re sporting an over-sized wiener costume and it’s not Halloween, breaking the ice becomes refreshingly painless.

“Why are you dressed like a hot dog?”
“Why aren’t you dressed like a hot dog?”

It’s true; women and men alike will approach you in droves, initiating dialogue and opening the door to a world of opportunity. The men may mockingly high-five you or snicker at your expense, but you can proudly ignore their ridicule. Because, the women will ask your name, pull you onto the dance floor, tag you in Facebook photos and lovingly caress your bun.

As long as you have some semblance of a personality, the situation is yours to embrace and enjoy. Believe it or not, wearing a wiener suit doesn’t automatically make women think that you’ve got a screw loose. Convey you’re a fun-loving man with a sense of humor, and they’ll soon forget that, for some reason, you’re dressed as America’s favorite street food.

Of course, wearing a hot dog costume does permit you to freely use puns, double entendre and sexual innuendos, even the corniest of which can elicit laughter (Stop grilling me. I’ll be sure to use a condiment). Say them with a smile and, chances are, women will eat them up.

Being encompassed by beautiful women can be intimidating, particularly if you yearn for their affection. But, peacocking, as it turns out, allows you to bypass the frequently awkward conventions of meeting and interacting with members of the opposite sex. More importantly, perhaps, it’s a simple and effective way to venture outside of your comfort zone.

For the record, I didn’t plan on hitting the town dressed as a hot dog – it was my consequence for losing a friendly bet. But, now, it’s something I’d consider doing on a semi-regular basis. The fact is: peacocking is a concept rooted in social psychology. So, try it. Just once. Venture outside your comfort zone and wear something completely ridiculous. Even if it isn’t a hot dog costume, I bet you’ll relish the outcome.