Learn ya somethin’.


Sorry, ladies. This one is for men only. Specifically, this is an epic, one-of-a-kind program designed for men who want to break free from their Nice Guy Syndrome and become Integrated Men. Containing over 100 video lessons divided into 12 modules, Integrated Man University covers all major areas of life. Students also benefit from weekly group coaching calls, customized breaking free missions, 1-on-1 support, a private online community, and much more.


Experience radical transformation in just one week. Yes, seriously. Within this course, you’ll find a down-and-dirty 7-day challenge to help you quickly adopt new behaviors and abolish your Nice Guy Syndrome. But that’s not all. This Crash Course has 20+ Video Lessons, transformative journal exercises and real-world missions, and lots of other cool extras. Get LIFETIME ACCESS all for the price of…um…let’s say a decent toaster.


Are you a worry wart? Do you care way too much about stupid sh*t? Does your mind constantly spin and make you feel bad about yourself? Are you always stressed? Do you wish you could just chill the f*ck out, but you don’t know how? I totally get it. And it’s no way to live. But I promise you there’s a way out of the madness. As a former crazy person turned certified life coach, happiness trainer, and meditation trainer, I’ve learned a lot about mastering your mind. And I’ve packaged it all up in this course to help you go from seriously anxious to So F*cking Zen.



Do you feel like you’ve been living an inauthentic life? Do you feel like you make decisions based on what other people want instead of what YOU want? Do you let your self-limiting beliefs control you? Well, it’s time to cut that shit out. Get to know yourself, learn to love yourself, discover your passions, and become Authentic As F*ck.


Need something more personal?

My PATH TO INTEGRATION PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAM provides you with both the online course experience and customized 1-on-1 coaching. This is the perfect option if you’re committed to personal growth and ready to go deep. Get everything you need to overcome your self-limiting beliefs, break through your psychological barriers, and achieve your greatest goals. Reap the benefits of having a safe person in your corner, every step along the way. Interested? F*ck yeah! Let’s chat.